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Extract from Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousins, M.D.
The Water Maturing Process
(Chapter 29-page 493)
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Active Ionic™ & Super Ionic™Minerals and Fulvic Acid

At this point it is helpful to discuss the process of ‘maturing” water. The first step is to distill the water (even if it has already been reverse-osmosis-or carbon filtered). The research shows that when you distill water, you destroy its memory. Distilled water is like rainwater in the sense that it has been heated and de-structured. Because of the heating of the water, most of the frequencies of possible toxic frequencies of any water. Distilled water is what Victor Schauberger called “immature ”water.

The second step is to restructure(mature) the water to bring it to a state of maximal aliveness and structure it so it will hold new healthy frequencies. Viktor Schauberger suggests we place the water in an opaque egg-shaped container . The author suggests using clay (optimally, opaque glass) rather than plastic or metal, which are not as energetically appropriate. The egg shape is effective because it doesn't have corners and crevices where energetic stagnation can occur.

As the next step, the author suggests adding Active Ionic™ Minerals to the distilled water. The Active Ionic TM Minerals include fulvic acid, which works in Nature to help plants take in minerals from the soil at the angstrom level, which humans can use. The mineral component most closely mimics a river-soil-ban energy contribution to water. It also helps to cluster the water and build its electrical charge.

Active Ionic™ Minerals (or smidgen lf raw salt) bring a certain polarity and electrical energy to the water, It will actuate the bioelectrical, antioxidative, and life force energies, without compromising the water's hydrogen molecules' ability to release electron energy.

(Page 495 )

The processes of culturing immature water into a mature, high-pranic, living, structured water is designed to mimic nature in its pure state. The distilled water, which is essentially pattern-free, is like the rain falling into the river where the swirling vortexs and curves suck in the pranic energy and the river water is mineralized in its path. The Active Ionic tm M ineral mix, with its fulvic acid, comes from and mimics the soil hummus and other humic materials, beneficial bacteria, carbon, and the leaching into the river from the topsoil.

Summary of the water Maturing Process:

•  Distill the water.
•  Place the distilled water in an opaque clay egg.
•  Add Active Ionic™ Minerals .
•  Stir the water in the egg-shaped ceramic container several times in one direction and then the other, with quick reversals.
•  Place hands on the container and bless the water.
•  Let the container filled with water stay outside overnight in view of the moon and stars. Keep the water out of the sun.
•  Store in a cool place.
•  For those of you who love esoteric approaches, if there is a favorite place on the earth that you ant to connect with, place a pebble from the land inside the egg water vessel, and it will give off the vibration of the land into the water.

Summary, Chapter 29 (Page 496)

Water is most structured at 4 Celsius or 37.5 Fahrenheit. In that structured state, which is our biological state as well, on our cells, it holds memory, information, prana, and blessings. Maturing water gives us the ability to erase the negative information and input positive information. This is the secret of many of the “magical water” that are availbel today. A simple technique for doing this, for bringing healthy mature water into our system, is water distillation followed by restructuring it with the Active Ionic™ Mineral , Vortexing it, blessing it, and letting it sit outdoors overnight. Cultured, mature water is filled with love, gratitude, and healing vibrations.



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