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Omica Health’s prime goal is to create pure, potent, and natural non-denatured products of the highest quality through the use of proprietary techniques.  We are guided by the secrets of ancient healing arts and the latest scientific research through which we maintain high quality and integrity of ingredient selection with strict oversight controls.

Omica Health’s exclusive techniques are applied in order to maintain the high quality and integrity of our products.  Our unique supercharging and activation processes of liquid and powdered ingredients and compounded products are produced under strict oversight.

Our exclusive breakthrough production techniques allow us to:

• Produce liquid extracts derived from zeolite, humic ore and ocean vegetables with pure supercharged water instead of normally used solvents, acids and chemicals;
• Transform un-absorbable inert ores to a highly bio-available and potent complex;
• Bond liquid plant and ocean minerals together and transform them to highly charged ionic electrolytes;
• Bond through and organic interaction of multiple powders into a new potent complex;
• Produce tablets and capsules without compacting agents, excipients or fillers (100% active ingredients);
• Micro-encapsulate marine oils to mask the smell and taste for functional food applications;
• Preserve cosmetic creams with natural extracts rather than chemicals;
• Preserve functional liquids with natural elements instead of chemicals

This website is maintained as a public service for the users and parties interested in Omica Health products. It provides all the known information available to date which describes and defines our products and procedures which can be obtained through health practitioners, both conventional and alternative.
We invite your continued interest, support and confidence in our products.  If you need any assistance to understand our products or to place an order, please contact your health practitioner.  You may also search the internet for resellers or contact Omica Health for assistance.


The Zeolite Product which is head and shoulders above the rest is called Super-Z-Lite.
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Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousins, M.D.

"In the first edition of this book, I hadn’t researched zeolites enough to recommend them.
From further research, I have concluded that Zeolite, specifically Super-Z-Lite, should be a part of everyone’s daily supplementation.  There is truly no other substance on earth comparable to Super-Z-lite."
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Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousins, M.D.